All I need is a good night’s sleep…

LET me caveat this post by admitting that I’m one of the few lucky parents out there who has a child who loves sleep. 

But even with my son getting his 40 winks a night, I’m still tucked up in bed by 9pm usually listening to The Guilty Feminist Podcast and heading off to the land of nod. I can’t fathom how people can stay up till midnight or later, and then wake up at 6am bright eyed and bushy tailed for another day at work, socialising or parenting.

I just need 10 hours sleep to function, so I’m really a huge advocate of the benefits of getting a full night’s sleep each night – just like Oldrids & Downtown. Some of the tips below include how to improve your home environment so that you can go to bed with a clear mind, and ready for a restful eve.

Read up on the tips for a great night’s sleep – and let us know, are you someone who burns the candle at both ends, or do you leap under the duvet each night with gusto?


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