The metallic eyeliners of dreams 

AS soon as the colder months hit, I start obsessing over metallic and glitter make-up, and every year… it’s the same. 

SwatchHigh on my agenda is searching for liquid metallics that dry and don’t shift and these i-Art Precision Liquid Eye Colour from Sleek are actually something pretty special.

They don’t break the bank at £7, and come in a range of colours that take in some really nice golds, coppers and blues/greens… the whole kit and caboodle really.

They have a strong pigmentation and go on with a lovely thick shine, and then dry to a solid matte.

Growing up in the early 90s, there was a constant frustration with finding gorgeous metallic products that smudged and shifted and just never were as good as you expected them to be…. well, that has changed and these are a fantastic little treat for under a tenner.

Buy i-Art Precision Liquid Eye Colour for £6.99 here.


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