Getting to Know the Laser Hair Removal Process

WHEN it comes to skincare procedures, few are more common than laser hair removal.

If you have been struggling with waxing or shaving away hairs in your own home then you know why.

There is an allure to the idea of getting rid of unwanted hair quickly and with as little effort as possible, especially after all the time you have probably put in shaving and waxing. But before you have a laser hair removal treatment you should get to know the process in detail.

Laser Hair Removal is Accurate and Quick

One reason you may want to have laser hair removal performed is that it is a quick procedure, which usually takes no more than about an hour. Although, the exact time can vary depending on the size of the treatment area. Also, if it is your first appointment ever at a particular clinic then filling out paperwork will take additional time.

A second reason why clinical hair-removal devices are so sought after is that lasers do not make human errors. When you shave or wax unwanted hair away at home you may miss a few hairs here and there. Lasers pinpoint each and every hair. They also treat the entire hair, including the root, which is known as a follicle. That complete treatment is what causes the hairs to take longer to grow back than they would after a treatment like shaving, which only removes hair above the surface.

Laser Hair Removal is Not Miraculous

Despite being accurate and convenient, there is nothing miraculous about laser hair removal. The hairs removed with lasers will take a while to grow back, but they will not stay away forever. Typically regrowth will occur within a few weeks. However, the hairs that return may be finer and less obvious, which means that you may be able to perform ongoing maintenance to remove them at home. On the other hand, you can always schedule additional laser hair removal treatments if you need to.

Not Every Laser for Hair Removal Can be Used on Every Person

Laser devices vary in type and strength, as well as in their targeting systems for locating hairs. Due to those variations and variations in human skin types, such as skin tones and oiliness levels, some people are not able to have certain laser hair removal devices treat their skin. You must talk to your clinician to determine the best device for your skin type if you want the most accurate results with the lowest risk of side effects.

The Laser Hair Removal Comfort Level

Laser hair removal is not completely comfortable. If you have a laser hair removal treatment then you will feel it. It will feel warm as the laser heats up your skin. You also might feel a slight zapping sensation when the laser beam makes contact with your skin’s surface. However, laser hair removal appointments are much more comfortable than electrolysis appointments, and many people say that lasers are more comfortable than waxing treatments as well. If you feel a lot of discomfort during your laser treatment you can tell your clinician, who can implement a course of action to make you feel more comfortable, such as applying a cooling cream to your skin. However, you may still experience temporary redness or blisters after the procedure.

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