Lemon yellow accents for the home

DECORATING our new flat has taken a couple of weeks just due to the sheer volume of stuff that we had to unpack. 

But now we  have finally got round to getting all our junk out of boxes, we can do the fun bit which is arranging all the decorative bits that make a flat a home.

Some of new favourite bits are from Orla Kiely and Tudor Times – including Sicilian lemon-scented Reed Diffuser emblazoned with her signature motif and a patterned yellow mug which I’ve used to liven up our living room fireplace rather than hiding it away in our kitchen cupboards.

This reed diffuser is wonderfully potent, so that when I had friends around yesterday they remarked that they kept catching the scent of lemons.

I’ve decided to theme the living room grey and yellow mainly – and was lucky enough to pick up a lovely foot stool from our local designer furniture shop yesterday which has also helped to transform the room. They’d sold out of the grey one I had my eye on hours before we went into the shop, but by a stroke of luck had a beautiful lemon one tucked away in the back!

My slight obsession with cushions means that I have coordinated the living room with yellow cushions – including one this Seymour designed cushion from from Tudor Times.

See the full Tudor Times range here, and buy the Sicilian Lemon Orla Kiely Reed Diffuser here.


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