Hydro Bills Set to Skyrocket in 2022 – Get Ready for Better Windows  

ARE you building a new dream home, remodelling, or just doing a few priority renovations to update the look of your home or its performance?

With the real estate market as hot as it is, now is a great time to take on renovations like these, and you can easily borrow against your home for renovations that will improve its value in the long run. It’s a good idea to start renovating our home to achieve better energy efficiency today; even though the Liberal government has promised temporary relief on your bills, 2022 is going to bring a nasty surprise. That’s when the government’s current cap on hydro bills is set to expire, and then your bill is going to see some major spikes. The fact is, the cost of generating energy is still going up, even if you’re not paying for it now.

Savings with EnergyStar Ratings
One of the best ways to make the most of a home building or repair budget in Kitchener, in the long run, is to install energy efficient windows. It will put more money in your pocket for future renovations when you start saving on your bills. Kitchener window companies like Golden Windows manufacture EnergyStar windows right in KW and homeowners are saving with them. EnergyStar windows that use Low-E coatings, argon gas, and spacers result in significant savings of between $91.00 and $465.00 per year in colder climates, depending on whether you’re upgrading from single pane or double pane windows.

Protecting the Environment by Saving Energy
Due to the fact that these windows end up saving so much energy, they are also more environmentally friendly. As cities around the world implement plans to adhere to the Paris Climate Agreement, expect to see more buildings using more efficient technology, including energy efficient windows made in Kitchener. By using better materials to insulate your home, it means you don’t need to crank up the AC or blast the heat as much on extremely hot or cold days.

Material Choices
Material choices make a significant impact on how energy efficient windows can be. The three most common types of window frames are aluminum, vinyl, and wood. Windows with aluminum frames tend to be a bit more durable, so they will last longer and have lower replacement costs, but they are not great at insulating. Aluminum frames are often more affordable, and since they do not warp over time, they are usually easier to maintain.
Wood frames from Golden Windows, on the other hand, are great insulators and they will also be in keeping with the look of a heritage home. Sometimes, wood-clad aluminum is used as a compromise between a low-maintenance outside and a great looking interior.

Finally, there are vinyl window frames, which are both great insulators and affordable from Golden Windows Kitchener. Vinyl is the most popular material choice available right now and you can find them in many homes across the region.

Time to Get Renovating
When it comes to picking the right windows and doors in Kitchener, there are plenty of reasons for making the right considerations ahead of time. Hydro won’t get any less expensive, but you can prepare for the increases by making smart investments today.

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