Where To Find Canadian-Made Wood Kitchen Tables

JUST like wall paintings and wood carvings, the furniture in a house makes a statement, and it should be one that’s unique to your tastes.

That’s why it’s important that a home owner is conscious of the furniture they purchase to fit in their home and find quality, Canadian-made goods. Not only will investing in custom wood furniture make the interior of your home look beautiful, but it’s also a sound financial decision. Handcrafted wood furniture will last much longer than premade, store-bought pieces, so it’s a decision that can save you money down the road.

One of the most important pieces of furniture in your home is the kitchen table, not to mention one that’s used everyday for all kinds of purposes. It may be the place that your family eats breakfast and dinner, it may be the place where you sit down with a book and a coffee on a Saturday morning, or where the kids do their homework. It’s the centre of your home life and a diligent multi-tasker, and it should be built to last through the ages.
The popularity of custom wood kitchen tables is on the rise because Canadian manufacturers of these tables like Woodcraft in Toronto provide their customers with the opportunity to determine exactly how their tables will be made, and there are a number of benefits to be gained:
#1 High Quality
When you buy furniture from a big box store, manufacturers try to reduce their expenses by using economies of scale, using cheaper materials, and producing as many identical items as possible. They lack craftsmanship and character and likely won’t be able to withstand much use before having to be discarded. A kitchen table takes a lot of use throughout the course of the year, as you use it to do everything from carving pumpkins and turkeys to crafts with the kids. You can optimize its durability by choosing a strong wood that doesn’t dent easily, such as oak, but if you plan to use it for your everyday needs, avoid pine, which can easily be dented. However,when you buy wood kitchen tables from Woodcraft, you are guaranteed a superior quality as they are each made individually by experienced craftsmen, and they can all be repaired and refinished.
#2 Made to Order
Relying on a custom furniture manufacturer means that you can get a piece that fits your lifestyle and your home perfectly, including the dimensions. You can select any of Woodcraft’s models and specify the material, the finish, and the dimensions, including special cuts to fit odd corners. When you buy custom, you don’t have to make compromises; it’s all about you and your home.


#3 Refinishing
While buying a custom wood kitchen table may cost more than buying one mass-produced, you will save money in the long run. Not only will it last longer than the mass-manufactured alternative, but a well-made table can also be refinished and repaired at less than the cost of a replacement, saving you and your family money in the long run. It’s a sensible financial decision that can also add some beauty to your kitchen, so check out a Canadian wood furniture maker today.

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