Getting ready for Valentine’s with Aldi

AHHH Valentine’s. On one hand, it’s a great excuse for a bit of romance, on the other hand it’s fraught with tension and expectations… which has oft caused me a few tears.

However, that doesn’t mean I’m not up for a bit of a party and this can be achieved on any budget! Aldi often get lauded for their brilliant range of food and drink at cost-effective prices, so I took on the (ahem… difficult) challenge of trialling their range of bubbles – just in time for Val’s Day.

We were moving house this weekend and after a day of packing, and a day of cleaning – a bottle of lovely cold Cava was just what I needed. In the fizz family you have Champagne from France, Prosecco from Italy and then Cava from Spain, which is bound to have its time in the spotlight soon.

The Cava went down surprisingly well and its sweet smooth flavour soothed my nerves after a testing couple of days. 

We cracked open the Prosecco once we’d moved house and it was delish! I drink a lot of wine and I couldn’t tell if this was a £12 bottle of fizz or a cheaper version from Aldi – and the packaging looks suitably expensive as well. 

See more from Aldi – here.

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