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ARE you finding it harder than usual to think of that perfect gift for your friends or family?

Do they own the latest Pixel or Pixel XL? As long as they’ve got Google’s latest Android in their hand (or back pocket), there are plenty of gift giving opportunities for you to seize. A simple solution for your holiday hardship is getting them any of the following accessories for their smartphone.

Pixel Skins
If they’ve ever complained about the way their Pixel looks, it’s time to invest in a skin — or several! There are companies, such as dbrand, that make it possible to transform the outer looks of this Android and turn it into a completely personalized device. Google Pixel skins from dbrand come in a variety of colors and textures that you can mix and match according to your loved one’s preferences. Each Pixel skin comes in four pieces, with the option of leaving a peek-a-boo view of the rainbow G on the back, so you’ll be able to design something unique for your friend.

Portable Battery Chargers Or Docking Station
Who hasn’t gone out for the night, still planning who and where to meet through a flurry of texts, only to realize they’re working on 1% battery? If your loved one is guilty of this habit, a portable battery charger is a must-have gift this season. These items range in size, output abilities, battery life, and price, so you’ll need to do some shopping. The more you’re willing to spend, the more power these babies hav. Some are strong enough to recharge 5 separate smartphones. But don’t worry if your budget is tight. Even the most modest charger will save your friend should they lose power at a critical moment in your night. Just make sure it’s small enough to fit in their backpack, purse, or back pocket!

For the tech-lover and media junkie, there’s no better gift than Chromecast. Though small, this USB cable packs a powerful punch. Attaching to the HDMI port of their TV, this little dongle makes it possible to stream Netflix, Youtube, GooglePlay, and a variety of other content from their device to their screens. Through the powers of wireless tech, it hooks up with their phone so they can control everything from their Pixel. Spring the extra cash for Chromecast Ultra and they’ll be able to stream the latest episode of WestWorld in crystal clear 4K Ultra HD, regardless of the type of TV they have.

Subscriptions To Apps
Chromecast wouldn’t be worth much if they didn’t have a profile with the top streaming sites. Otherwise all they’ll be able to cast to their TVs is stuff they find on YouTube. Make it worthwhile by purchasing a year’s subscription to a channel or site that they’d enjoy. Netflix is an obvious choice in the unlikely event they don’t already have it, with binge-worthy shows like Luke Cage, The Crown, and House of Cards. If they’ve already got a profile with Netflix, GooglePlay is also another great streaming app that has a variety of music, movies, and tv shows to choose from. Since we’re in the golden age of TV, there’s really no bad choice. Even subscriptions to individual stations like HBO and Hulu would make an excellent gift.

Depending on your budget you can get one or all of these simple accessories for the Pixel owner in your life. However you shake it, there are a ton of gift ideas that synch up with Androids. It’s just a matter of finding the one that matches your loved one’s needs and wants.


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