Homemade gin? Yes please!

PLEASE Santa, can I make my own homemade gin? Christmas is just around the corner! The tree is up, the fairy lights are hung, and it’s time for FUN!

One of the presents that I would LOVE to receive myself is this Homemade Gin Kit, available from The Fowndry.

It has you everything that you need to craft your own unique blend of gin in just 36 hours. All you need is a bottle of decent vodka. My personal favourite gin is Plymouth (made by Pernod Ricard) – it’s dry and zingy – but small batch, craft gin is super trendy at the minute and I’ve been buying a few local gins from London to try too.

Anyway, back to the gifting set. Using a carefully crafted blend of juniper berries, botanicals, spices and aromatics, the Homemade Gin Kit gives you all the tools you need to make your own unique blend of gin. Only down side is that it’s just under £50, and vodka is not included (sad face).

Buy the Homemade Gin Kit from The Fowndry, here.

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