Mulled cider season is here!

JUST AS summer signals the start of drinking ice-cold cider, the onset of winter (and Christmas) seems to bring out the cider drinker in me too – fancying appley-goodness in front of a fire whenever I can.

When I heard about cranberry cider (say whaaa!) earlier this year, I knew it was something I had to try. Knowing that it’s better for the waistline too was also another major drawcard.

Cranes cranberry cider is sweet and crisp, and suited to those who favour flavoured ciders. It’s prob not one for the scrumpy drinker, or the fan of a more artisanal cider, but for the cider fan who wants something refreshing and tasty (and not packed with sugar) on a night out, it’s perfect.

Personally my palette leans towards the more tart ciders, so the strawberry & kiwi and raspberry & pomegranate flavours weren’t quite right for me. If you are a committed Rekorderlig drinker but sometimes find them too sickly sweet then this is a great new drink for you to try.

Now that mulled cider season is approaching… imagine mixing one of these with a dash of Cointreau, a slug of rum and a few slices of orange and it would be even more LOVELY.

You can buy Cranes here.

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