The Review:By Terry’s Cellularose Blush Glacé in Rose Melba

THIS blush from one of my fave brands By Terry has a curious texture – slightly gummy, almost ice-creamy and opaque pastel in colour.It’s heavier than the aqua blushes that I’ve been trying out recently, but it’s still a watercolour blush so it’s in the same family. Somehow the stickiness disappears as you pat the formula on your cheeks, imparting a lovely bright – positively glowing – pastel colour which is perfectly matched to my newly blonded hair. Not only does it have a wonderful colour pay off, it’s nourishing for the skin leaving it plumped and the complexion smoothed. At £38, it’s not cheap but it feels like a totally luxe product. For an addict like me, who loves bright intense blushes, it’s a worthy investment.Buy By Terry’s Cellularose Blush Glacé here for £38. 

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