Face Off: Sensai 38c vs Suqqu Extra Volume mascara

BACK in the early 2000s I was obsessed with tube mascara – it coated my lashes, made them appear longer, and had the staying power I’d always dreamed of. After a brief fling with tube mascara, I became a Lancôme Virtuose advocate and forgot all about this trend until recently, when I trialled Sensai’s 38c mascara – a celeb favourite which lo and behold, is a tube mascara. I’ve tried loads of mascara trends over the years – white base coats which thicken and lengthen the lashes but leave them too claggy for my liking, ‘magnetic’ mascaras  which extend your lashes using micro fibres and looks amazing but can flake off after a while, but tube mascaras are super effective and really do giving incredible lasting power. Sensai’s 38c mascara is a lovely wet formula with a nice thick brush which builds up to long lashes with a few swipes of the wand. Once applied, it lasts. Oh boy does it last! Even if I’m naughty and commit the cardinal sin of not removing my makeup at the end of the day, my lashes are still log and fluttery and covered in mascara in the morning. To remove the mascara you have to wash it off with warm water (hence the 38c moniker) so it just doesn’t budge unless you really want it to. My one complaint about this mascara though, is that it’s so thick, I find it can flake off and end up in my eyes and it can irritate my peepers. Another fantastic mascara is from Suqqu. It takes longer to build up a decent amount of product on your lashes, but then lasts and lasts and lasts and doesn’t flake. It washes off easily when you want it to, but before then will remain firmly on your lashes. Sensai’s 38c mascara costs X Suqqu’s waterporrof mascara costs X 

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