The Review: Hape’s Wooden Baby Walker with Blocks

img_9011.jpgBABY milestones are such a pleasure. 

The first six months of having a newborn are a hard slog and once they start interacting and responding to you, eating, laughing, rolling and then crawling it’s such a joy. I totally wasn’t one of those mums who regretted being excited for my baby to start crawling as I just love that he’s exploring and showing me his little personality – admittedly though, it’s a lot of hard work catching him all the time!

Rafael turned one on Friday (one year old! another wonderful milestone!), and for one of his pressies, we gave him the Hape Wooden Baby Walker with all these gorgeous coloured wooden blocks. He hasn’t quite mastered the art of grasping the handle and walking along with it yet, preferring to grab the blocks and playing with them, but each time he stands up against it and takes a couple of tentative steps my heart skips a beat! It’s soon cute!

As he gets older, Rafa will definitely be playing with this toy all the time. It’s already one of his favourites and there’s so much more fun for him to discover. He carries the blocks around all over the flat and I keep finding them in rather unusual places – under my pillow, strewn across the corridor or hiding under the sofa!

I also love that it’s a classy toy – yes, babies bloody love plasticky garish, noisy toys, but I do love a wooden piece of baby kit that just makes your living room look swish.

Even better, Hape’s Baby Walker with Blocks is on sale at the moment for £30 at online ethical kids’ retailer Hurrah!

Buy Hape’s Wooden Baby Walker with Blocks here.

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