I finally got my hands on a cinema lightbox! 

I’VE wanted a lightbox for so long! You have probably seen them crop up on Instagram every now and again and I think they are brilliantly cool. 

Finally I found a fab one from Prezzybox.com for only £20 – it’simg_8687.jpg  the perfect size and comes with loads of letters and symbols to create lots of different messages on!

As I have a ridiculously welsh name (complete with three A’s in it) and my son’s name has two A’s in it, I’ve used my nickname for our first message – my family’s names. It’s my son’s birthday in a week’s time and I can’t wait to make a little birthday message for him.

Key tip – if you pick one up for a friend, the lightbox needs 6 AA batteries, so add those to your order. It’s a pretty bright light when it’s switched on and the effect is pretty stunning.

Buy a Cinema Lightbox from Prezzybox.com, here.

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