The Review: Moisturising Body Sorbets from The Body Shop

BODY moisturisers are something I’ve never quite got to grips with.

Body butter, soufflés, milks, cremes, it’s something I want to master as part of my daily beauty routine, but it just doesn’t quite seem to fit.

For my face, I adore a night cream, a serum, an eye cream… The list goes on. But when it comes to slathering on cream to my body I get all of a muddle.

Do you apply after the shower? Or just before bed? How long does it take to dry (before you can go about your business). Or how about applying it when you wake up… A sloppy effort, a ruined silk dress later and the whole routine is out of the window.

However, I will persevere and the first ones to come under fire are these new sensationally-smelling Body Sorbets from The Body Shop.

I must pause here to let you know that I absolutely adore The Body Shop and that their range of make-up is one of my very top affordable beauty lines.

I’m happy to report that these body sorbets don’t disappoint. They smell incredibly fruity (oo-er), and go on just like a sorbet – a God send for thirsty skin. Then the formula sinks in quickly leaving a tiny hint of a matte texture behind.

For some this could feel drying but for me it feels preferable (so far in my moisturising trials) to a slick finish that you sometimes get from a cream.

They are perfect for a holiday (although you need to pack them in your checked in luggage) and I can’t wait to try popping them into the fridge for an extra-cooling effect.

They’ll set you back £8 and are available now from The Body Shop in Satsuma, Pink Grapefruit, Moringa, Mango and Strawberry.


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