Goldfrapp Remix of Lady GaGa’s Judas

SHE has been very open about the fact that she’s in love with a Strict Machine, and Alison Goldfrapp has (once again) put it to very good use – producing a mighty fine remix of Lady GaGa’s tune Judas.

GoldfrappAnd I know GaGa is trying to be all controversial and shit, but surely she is just echoing Madonna’s Like A Prayer phase. Still absolutely adore her though, and what she has done to the current face of pop music. Just can’t see why all the church-loving folk are up in arms.

Anyway, back to the remix. It’s a slowed down, narcoleptic version of the tune.

The electro-pop kitch of GaGa’s original song has been replaced with a sordid, languid, electro vibe… but it has still retained it’s sense of self-importance and grandeur.

Don’t forget that Lady GaGa’s new album Born This Way is out today, fact fans. (Yes, I did tweet that at midnight, no that isn’t cool.)

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