If There’s Only One Beauty Product You Buy This Week… Make It This!

APPLYING false lashes can be tricky, so anything to aid the fiddly process is a winner among the Pillow Magazine team. 

The Bourjois 2-in-1 Tweezers and False Eyelash Applicator is a dream bit of kit that allows you to grip your set of fake lashes with one end, put them  in the correct position, and then expertly nudge them into place using the other end.

It eliminates that irritating problem of accidentally getting glue on your fingers, or mistakenly placing your falsies too far away from your real set of lashes and having to start again.

When put on correctly, an additional faux flutter can add a whole new dimension to a beauty look.

Bourjois False Eyelash Applicator

Bourjois 2-in-1 Tweezers and False Eyelash Applicator


Cassie Lomas, chief make-up artist for Bourjois says: “The Bourjois 2-in-1 tweezers make applying and removing false lashes easy.

“The wide and curved end provides a strong grip to securely hold the false lash in place when applying the glue and follows the natural lash line when applying to the eye.

“By then using the other side with the soft angled tip you can gently press the false lash down to secure in place.

“To remove your lashes just use the curved tweezer end to gently peel off and save for next time!”

Bourjois 2-in-1 Tweezers and False Eyelash Applicator cost £4.99. Buy them here.

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