EXCLUSIVE Q&A: French DJ & Techno-Electro act College

IF you are familiar with the completely amazing soundtrack to Drive, then you will already know how brilliant French artist College is.

David Grellier, the name behind the masterful techno-electronica act, first came to light when his music was featured on the soundtrack of Nicolas Winding Refri’s film, starring the hot heartthrob, Ryan Gosling.

His song, A Real Her feat. Electric Youth, has had over 13 million views on Youtube. Errr… wow.


Now, two years later, Invada Records are releasing College’s debut album, Secret Diary, and debut EP, Teenage Color, on physical formats CD and vinyl for the first time.

If you are a fan of the 80s and the electronica genre, these albums must have a place on your shelf.

Consisting of only five songs, College’s debut EP, Teenage Color, captures the essence of electronica and takes you back in time.


The sounds used on the 14 songs on Secret Diary reflect the different mirror the mood and feelings that one might feel when approached with the story of each song.

The likes of She Never Came Back and Fantasy Park contain vocals in the songs as well as the melancholy-style of synthpop. The vocals instantly lift the mood of the song which creates some diversity for the entire album.


Teenage Color and Secret Diary have a fantastic combination of paces and sounds (if monotonous at times) to accompany any mood; from your inner party animal to the mellow Sunday afternoon feeling. Together, they create the perfect musical atmosphere to express any type of feeling.

For a debut, David Grellier has already set himself a high bar in his musical career and the cover art for both albums oozes of the 80s. We love!



We got to grips with the artist from Nantes in a quick-fire question round:

How did it feel to have your music as the soundtrack of Drive?

It was emotional because Nicolas Winding Refri really caught the spirit of the song.

How would you describe your music?


How does it feel to know that Invada Records/Geoff Barlow wanted to release the first ever vinyl and CD of your debut albums?

It’s a great opportunity to present my debut album, Secret Diary, and also my first EP, Teenage Color. Geoff and Invada are truly passionate. They love vinyls and making beautiful things. It was a pleasure.

Do the 80s inspire your music?

Of course. It’s an important decade for me. It was the decade of my childhood which is the time where you build your taste for life.

Which musical artist would you love to collaborate with?


What does the future hold for College?

A new EP next year and a live show.

What does the future hold for David?

Family and arts.

How do you know when you’ve completed a song?

When I get up from my chair.

For more information, head to invada.co.uk/college

Secret Diary and Teenage Color are out on CD and vinyl today, Monday 6th May.



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