Video: Sneak Peek at the A/W2013 Collections at Accessorize and Monsoon

THERE’S nothing we love more at Pillow Magazine than dressing to impressing to impress – but to really nail the perfect fashion look you need some pretty killer accessories to make your outfit pop. 

Lucky for you, fashion fans, that we have the inside scoop on the key trends this for A/W2013 at Accessorize and Monsoon including statement necklaces, grunge and Russian and art nouveau. 

Accessorize has it covered for the best eye-catching jewellery pieces that will really make you stand out.

The High Street staple has taken inspiration from the catwalk as well as trends spotted on the streets.

Suzie Laing, Creative Director of Accessorize said: “Some of our key trends for the season that we’re all feeling very strongly for in head office is our beautiful statement necklaces. We have such a wide variety of them with lots of versatile styles.

“We also have a grunge trend coming through – a little bit different for Accessorize, but definitely inspired by lots of the street trends that you’ll see out there.”






The collection also includes a range of white faux fur hats which always look fabulous in winter when teamed with a dressed down look like jeans.

Meanwhile over at Monsoon, Russia and art nouveau  are the key themes for next season.




Ann Ceprynski, Creative Manager at Monsoon said: “You can see that the main inspiration is Russia, it’s very on trend at the moment, we’ve followed inspiration from the catwalk but always made it relevant to Monsoon.”

Mark Russell, Design added: “We were inspired very much by the art nouveau movement, print movement, something very soft, feminine and romantic.

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