10 minutes with… Lisa E Moss

LISA E Moss is not your average jewellery designer (if such a thing exists).

She’s the most gangster jewellery designer we’ve ever met. Pillow Mag’s features girl Ally Lowe caught up with Lisa for a 10 minute* quickie to chat jewellery, boxing and why Scousers are the best…

What made you make the decision to become a jewellery designer?

I’ve always been making jewellery as a side-line, even from a really young age. Even when I was studying I was making little bits and pieces. I knew I had to work in fashion, but garments were never an option because I hate pattern cutting!

Who inspires you?

My design oracles are Jean Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood, but from a different perspective. Although I love fashion and the catwalk, jewellery has always been the front line for me.

How did you get into starting your own business?

Well, after I graduated I went to work in television for a while. I was an assistant art director for Saudi Arabian television- it was really weird! I was still selling jewellery on the side though; it was always my passion.

Quite a lot of famous people have worn your jewellery. Who has been your favourite person?

Plan B. He’s just the most creative person that you could wish to design with. He’s amazing – he’s so intelligent and switched on. What I love about his work is that he has this ability to socially narrate. We really bounced off each other.

Would you say he embodies your brand’s ideas?

Yeah. He embodies the punk aesthetic with a gentleman’s swagger. It’s nice for someone to bounce ideas of me and make me think differently too.

If you could describe your brand in 3 words, what would they be?

Individual punk swagger.

Who’s been your favourite female you’ve worked with?

I love how Fearne Cotton rocks my jewellery. She knows how to wear my pieces.

Who would you most like to design for in the future?

I’m a huge hip-hop fan, so I’d love to work with Rihanna or Ciara. But my all-time dream would be to collaborate with Vivienne Westwood.

Lisa E Moss

Lisa E Moss

You have a big involvement with the boxing world. How did that happen?

When I was younger I always remember hanging around the club. I so wanted to get in there and box, but it just wasn’t the done thing back then. So when the Olympics came around, I found out Natasha Jonas had been selected for the first time female boxing had been included. She’s a Scouse girl, so I got in contact, and designed a piece for Natasha. It was iconic for me that this girl from Liverpool was doing everything I thought was the embodiment of female empowerment.

How important are your Scouse roots?


You all seem to have a great community.

Yes, it’s a fabulous community. Liverpool as a city is so raw and creative. Every bar and pub you go in, there’s always someone there that can really sing. It oozes talent.

Do you go back a lot?

I go back a lot more because of boxing, which is nice. We’re hoping to take the whole range and launch it up there.

What’s the future for the brand?

Continue the way we’ve been going! We’ve got a constantly evolving team because we like bringing in new talent all the time. We’ve really been enjoying our collaborations. We want to broaden our audience, but listen to our ethos of creating jewellery for the individual.

What’s your favourite part of the process of designing and making jewellery?

Every single last bit of it. I absolutely love my job. It’s not like working, it’s a constant evolution of creation.

What are your favourite pieces from your new collection?

I love the swag cuff earrings. I love making them, I just think they’re so expressive. I’m really into the swag at the moment.

You’re so gangster Lisa…

If we wanted to get our hands on your jewellery, where can we get it?

Online at lisaemoss.com, or at my boutique market stall which is where I first started on North Cross Road in East Dulwich, SE22 on Saturdays.

Do you work the market yourself?

Yes! I call it my boutique without doors. It’s where I started off ten years ago. I can’t ever imagine selling a piece without any direct contact.

*We lied. It wasn’t 10 minutes. But can you blame us for wanting to talk to Lisa all day…?

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