Becks: Turning Beer Into Art Since 1984

I USED to have a landlord who was also a performance artist (oh, how very Shoreditch) who once jumped on Tracey Emin’s controversial piece of art, My Bed. True story.

I’m not sure of Emin’s reaction to that particular piece of anarchism, but here she is talking about her collaboration with beer brand Beck’s who have a dedication to art (that surpasses mattress bouncing) and independent thinking.

Tracey Emin Becks

A range of artists have been invited to design a label for bottles, as Tim Head explained: “I had a solo show at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, and Beck’s wanted to sponsor the show. Then, you get invited to do one of these special labels for the bottle.”

Our exclusive video reveals the inspiration behind some of Beck’s specially-designed bottle labels, including interviews with Tony Ourlser, Bruce McLean, Jeff Koons and Tim Head.

As Tracey Emin added: “Beck’s had the initiative through [art curator] Anthony Fawcett to understand that art was a good thing, because art is the future.” 

Join the Beck’s art crawl here.

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