Animal Necklaces & Brooches with a Twist: Created By Custom Made

CUTE, sweet and nostalgic are three words that spring to mind when viewing online accessories store, Custom Made.

With delicate gold and brass necklaces, funky brooches and a homemade feel, this online store is the first of many to branch out and avoid the typical jewellery style.

If you are a lover of cute animal jewellery, or know someone who is obsessed quirky accessories, this is the place for you.

There are lots of new additions that have been created with care at CM HQ. We love the lobster, and it would make a great gift for yourself (OK, or a loved one).

Perhaps, here at Pillow HQ, we’re even thinking a couple of months ahead when the bells are jingling…!

At £21.50, this little beauty is helping your bank account too.

Custom Made

Custom Made


They’re not on the high street, so you’ll have something unique on you hands. Bonus! The necklaces are supplied in a small handmade pouch.

Not only do Custom Made sell cute jewellery, it’s creative owner, fashion designer Anna Butler – and her team – make unique brooches.

You won’t have seen anything like it. Perfect for the artist or writer in your life who also likes to jazz up their plain blazer or dress with a quirky laser cut brooch.

The pencil brooch comes in radiant red and cool blue. Each is mounted onto a silver lockable pin.

They are cheap and chic at £14 each.

For many more necklaces, brooches and other accessories, head to the Custom Made website at

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