Our Dream Summer Fashion Wardrobe

Alexander Wang Shirt Dress

Alexander Wang Shirt Dress

MONEY doesn’t make the world go round; fashion makes the world go round.

However, considering money puts the clothes on our backs, its importance cannot be underestimated. Look at your current summer wardrobe for example, and imagine being super rich. What would your summer wardrobe consist of then? Here are a few pieces most girls will definitely want included in their summer fashion wardrobe, were they to have the money.

Alexander Wang: Shirt Dress 

Now, this shirtdress is only £325, which – though expensive for many – is actually cheap considering it’s a gorgeous designer piece. This is the first piece we have mentioned in our dream imaginary wardrobe for the simple fact that it’s subtly fashionable. A piece of clothing that is chic without being loud can be worn often without getting old too fast.

It can be worn practically anywhere and that is the beauty of it.

Whether worn with or without trousers, it is the first thing you’d want in your dream summer wardrobe.


Givency Shirt Dress

Givency Shirt Dress

Givenchy: Shirt Dress

Since we have the wear-for-all-occasions type dress already in our wardrobe, it’s time for something a little bit bolder.

This Givenchy paisley shirtdress is the type of dress we’ll want for nights out and dinner dates.

Featuring a clean-cut silhouette, the dress is adorned with paisley patterns, while the collar remains plain black, pulling off a fabulous contrast.

It was worn – but not quite pulled off – by Katy Perry very recently.

The shirtdress costs £1,350.


Omega De Ville Ladymatic

Omega De Ville Ladymatic

Omega De Ville Ladymatic 

Now it’s time for us to push the financial boundaries of our imaginary dream wardrobe considerably. Why should we not? It is after all, our dream wardrobe.

Watches are an essential part of a woman’s outfit. They spell out class, elegance and, of course, timekeeping.

It is essential that one is added to our wardrobe and there is none other that should be more desired than Omega’s De Ville Ladymatic.

Worn by several glamorous A-list celebrities, the watch defines feminine elegance and grace.

Made of beautiful yellow gold, the watch boasts a case that’s encircled by stunning diamonds.

It costs £24,440 on http://www.watches-of-switzerland.co.uk.


Acne Dana Flag-Embossed Leather Sandals

Acne Dana Flag-Embossed Leather Sandals

Acne Dana Flag-Embossed Leather Sandals 

Of course, the most important part of any girl’s wardrobe is the shoe collection. When it comes to shoes, the more the better and so, a true fashionista needs to have an overabundance.

Acne’s flag-embossed sandals are a great choice, with its modern interpretation to off-duty fashion.

Available for £410, they are adorably chic and contemporary.


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