Manicure: How to make a beautiful manicure at home?

Manicure; how to do it at home? Beautiful and well-groomed hands can tell a lot about their mistress, so it is helpful for every girl to know how to do a manicure on her own. Most modern girls and women are used to regularly visiting beauticians, hairdressers, and beauty salons. At first, it is fascinating, but soon such actions drain the wallet. Hence, the question arises of how to make a beautiful manicure at home which will not last for a few days but much longer.

For this purpose, you can use such a cosmetic innovation as gel polish, which has won the respect of many girls because now there is no need to paint the nails every 2-3 days. A stylish and beautiful manicure with gel polish will last 1.5–3 weeks, depending on the growth rate of the nails and the work done.

Today, doing an independent manicure at home with gel polish is possible.

This method has many benefits and advantages that every girl should know about:

  • Significant time savings because now it is no longer necessary to try to allocate a few hours, escape from work or visit a nail salon during a break, to spend a whole weekend;
  • Can do a manicure at any time;
  • Much more profitable manicure with gel polish, done at home, in terms of finances;
  • You can use your ideas for design and get a stylish and original manicure that your friend or colleague at work will not have.

Suppose you decide to do an independent gel polish manicure at home. In that case, you need to purchase special devices that must be of high quality. All financial investments will pay off shortly.

What do you need for a manicure at home?

To buy the necessary equipment for working with gel polish, you need to visit a specialized store, where a consultant will help you find everything you need.

 The basic kit should include:

  • UV lamp, which must be at least 24 watts. Choosing a model with a stand, mirrored walls, and a timer is advisable.
  • Basic coverage. It is a clear liquid sold as simple nail polish or small bottles. This tool protects the nail plate from getting into its pigment. The primer also acts as an adhesion between the surface of the nail and the gel polish.
  • Gel polish. You can take one or more shades; it all depends on what design you will create. To begin with, it is worth stopping the choice of classic colors until the technique of creating a manicure with gel polish is completely mastered.
  • Liquid for removing an excess layer.
  • Complete or top a race. It is a unique transparent compound used as a hardener and fixer.
  • Transportation. I will use it in the future to remove manicures.
  • File to give the nails the desired shape.
  • Grease remover. I can use any nail polish remover.
  • Buff. It polishes the nail plate and removes the upper glossy layer.
  • Nail tool remover.
  • Orange letter.
  • Skinless napkins.
  • Care oil.

Suppose interesting interior design ideas have appeared to create an original design that will be brighter and more expressive with the help of a manicure. In that case, you must buy everything you need for work.

When buying gel polish, it is necessary to study the detailed instructions for working with this material since each manufacturer’s technology can have specific differences. For example, varnishes from the latest generation will not form a sticky layer. Still, other types must apply a base before applying the foundation. Individual manufacturers produce a top and a bottom in one device.

The preparatory stage for a manicure

The creation of a stylish manicure with gel polish, which will last for several weeks, is carried out in stages as follows:

  • First, the old polish is removed, and the hands are thoroughly washed with soap so that no solvent remains on the nail plate.
  • The base is covered with nail polish, and you have to wait 10 minutes then the excess skin is removed with an orange stick.
  • If there are crates, they are neatly trimmed. It is essential to remove the pterygium altogether. Otherwise, the varnish will come off quickly.
  • Any hygienic manicure is performed, but you can not keep your fingers in the bath for too long – no more than 4 minutes.
  • With the help of a nail file, the nail is given the desired shape, and the length is adjusted. It is necessary to ensure that the ends will be perfectly smooth and even.
  • If you use care oil and blue healing, their remains must be removed in advance, and the dust generated after the nails have been applied is also removed.
  • It would help if you dried your nails – for about 10 minutes.
  • Using a buff removes the upper glossy layer of the nail plate. Then the gold flowers are well polished. They should use the most challenging side of the buff for registration but not press them too much. Removing the remains of sebaceous secretion from the surface is necessary, but not to disturb the keratin layer. The ends are also processed similarly, so they are perfectly smooth and do not have chips.
  • The nails are dried with polish remover, but you can also use a special liquid. Then should not touch the surface.

Over time, each step will be carried out automatically, but you cannot skip a single point. Otherwise, the manicure will not last too long, and the varnish layer will soon begin to separate.

How to apply gel polish?

If the gel varnish is used at home, it must take several features into account:

  • First, the nail plate is prepared, and then the base is applied in a thin layer. It would help if you worked like rubbing the product into the nail. In an ultraviolet lamp, the first layer is dried for one minute.
  • A layer of colored gel polish is applied on top; you can choose absolutely any color. Then polymerization takes place. If varnish with a bright or dark color is used, must apply several thin layers to obtain a rich shade. Each layer is dried in a UV lamp for 2 minutes.
  • In the final stage, a gel covers the entire nail surface but must not touch the skin. The layer is dried for precisely 2 minutes.
  • A leafless cloth is taken and moistened in a special liquid. You must wipe the nail’s surface to remove the top sticky layer.
  • In the end, moisturizing oil is applied and massaged well; its residue is removed.

It is vital to apply all layers as thinly as possible – from the base to the free edge. Movements should be neat and slow so as not to touch the skin, as it will be tough to remove the gel polish, and you can ruin the manicure. The end of the nail is also covered. Ignoring this advice will result in a rather rough and dirty layer, but it can simply curl when drying.

Performing each step to create a gel polish manicure at home will last about 3 weeks. The coating can wear off much faster for those with porous and thin nails. Conducting a particular wellness course for pins using rejuvenating and nurturing cosmetics will be helpful. The duration of the manicure directly depends on the quality of the tools used.

beautiful manicure at home
beautiful manicure at home

How to remove gel polish?

To remove the gel polish and not damage the nail plate, as well as to prepare it for applying a new manicure.

 It is recommended to follow the following recommendations:

  • Clean cotton pads are taken, which are cut into 4 roughly equal parts.
  • The cleanser is applied to each piece of cotton (you can use any nail polish remover).
  • The cotton swab is applied to the nail and fixed with foil – you need to wrap the whole finger. Can replace the film with simple medical gloves, but they are not always comfortable.
  • After 10-15 minutes, the foil is removed. If part of the gel polish coating remains on the nail plate, its remains are extracted with an orange stick. But you can also moisten a cotton swab with liquid and apply it to your finger for a few minutes.
  • In the end, hands are washed with soap, and a conditioner is applied to soothe the skin.

Can use unique thermal mittens to speed up the process of removing gel polish. You can also use a file that works the layer gently, but you need to work very carefully to avoid damaging the nail plate. Buff is used to remove the diffuse layer, but this is not a required method.

Peeling off the gel polish is strictly forbidden, as such actions will cause severe damage to the keratin layer, and gold flowers will become very fragile and thin. And can do the next manicure in a few weeks until the nail plate is restored.

Professional tips for a manicure at home

Following a few simple tips, you can turn an ordinary home designer with gel polish into a high-quality care method.

 As well as nail decoration, provided by professional masters:

  • Before the manicure is done, all the tools and equipment needed during the procedure should be laid on the table so that you do not have to look for them.
  • For work, you need not only a table but also a comfortable chair.
  • If white gel polish is used, the polymerization time should be 1.5 minutes, not 2. The pigment may turn yellow with more extended treatment in a UV lamp.
  • Colored gel polish can float after use and move to the side rollers. As a result, the manicure will look ugly. To prevent this, it is necessary to dry the base coat with a dry brush (medium soft) to even it out.
  • When applying a gel pad to the nail plate, it is necessary to retreat from the cuticle to a short distance (about 1 mm). Otherwise, the coating will begin to peel off very quickly.
  • It is strictly forbidden to leave open bottles of products near the UV lamp.
  • After each use, all bottles must be tightly closed with a cap.
  • All products must be stored in a place well protected from sunlight.
  • After the manicure procedure is completed, the necks of the bottles are thoroughly wiped with lint-free wipes.

Today, you can find corrective gel polish in professional stores. Can use this tool to paint over the regrown part of the marigold if the manicure is still in good condition and too early to remove. With its help, you can adjust the nail plate or perform a “repair” of a broken nail on the form. A similar device helps to fix the shape and also helps to strengthen the nail plate.

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