A bit of fun for the school run

Living in London and keeping up with life in the capital can make you feel very serious and focused. You can sometimes forget that in a city like this – anything goes. 

Maybe that’s why I decided to have a bit of fun one morning, and bring out a lipstick from the archives that is “super-kawaii”! and fun.

This limited edition lipstick, between MAC and Hello Kitty, may have come over 10 years ago, but I still have them nestled in my archives, and throwing caution to the wind I decided to try them out this week.

I love the pastel lipstick that is reminiscent of a frosted strawberry ice-cream and is so sixties it’s delightful, and I knocked it back with a hot pink lipstick from Shu Uemura to give it a more wearable edge.

I’m not sure many beauty editors would recommend keeping lipsticks for over a decade, but I seem to have survived. I mean, even taking a quick glance at the news this week makes me think this is a very small risk to take!

When you live in London, and no one ever takes a second glance – it’s a lot of fun to experiment with beauty looks!

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