Viva la romance

AHHH, party season.  Pre-kids, this was one of my favourite times of the year when I worked full time in an office. Some of my favourite, funniest memories are from watching the carnage unfold at the work Christmas party and I was either was hitting the free bar and indulging in a few cheeky lemonades, or latterly being pregnant and pretending to hit the bar but watching everyone get more and more drunk. When I was a teen going from ‘office to party’ was a REAL ISSUE which featured in pretty much every issue of Just 17, Sugar or Bliss. However, overhyped this notion was – having some make-up you can take to the office is actually a really useful idea and eyeshadow palettes are perfect for this kind of thing. Romanced from W7 is a really beautiful palette full of high quality, blendable shades going from a pale highlighter colour named Infatuation, through the bronzes and golds touching on some ruby notes and into a smokey black entitled Black Book. It comes with a double ended brush and a mirror meaning that this makes the perfect tool that you could take with you to work ahead of the office party. However, seeing as I freelance and work from home alongside my new baby, this is my version of prepping for an office party! I had a networking morning this morning and so wanted to have a nice eye without too much hassle as I got ready this morning. Best of all, the W7 Romanced palette isn’t going to break the bank. It’s a very reasonable £9.99 which I think is unbelievably great for a really lush palette with so many lovely colours. Buy the W7 Romanced palette, here for £9.99 IMG_0648

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