When is subtle too subtle?

I’VE never been good at subtle.  When I was a teen I had rainbow coloured hair. One week it was blue, then purple, then grey, then red, lilac, black, blonde, anything to stand out yet hide at the same time. I always found it like an armour – people would look at my hair and make a judgment, and not really investigate any further. Whatever my goth years actually meant, the point is that I’ve always been a fan of extreme beauty looks. The sixties have always fascinated me, I love extra long eyelashes, and creating a statement with make-up. As I’ve grown older, and have been experimenting with eyeshadow for over 35s, I’ve been trying out a lot more subtle looks as I’ve often found lots of make-up, especially eyeshadow really ageing.   IMG_7895 IMG_6716 This brings me onto this Moon Bloom 02 palette by RMK. When I received the palette I was really wide-eyed over the shades. The combination of browns, greens and bronze is a tried and tested look for me over the years and one I always found really suited me. However when I tried to create a look with this palette I found it nigh on impossible. The shadows are so subtle and fall off so easily, it was really hard to build up a look that would last through the day. For example, I took a swatch of the colours to show as part of this review and a few minutes later my hand was completely clean again. The powders had just slipped off my hand. Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 09.48.56 In saying all this, in future I’d use an eyeshadow primer on my eyes, or a cream shadow to help the shades stick, and I found the shadows worked much better with a sponge applicator rather than a brush. In saying all this, once I’d blended the quad up for a fair while I was actually really pleased with the results. It was almost a khaki across my lids which I thought was a really great look and one that suited older skin. I also found that the green shade worked really well as a highlight when applied onto a darker lid. It added a touch of contract and sparkle and so I’d use it for this purpose in the future too. Buy RMK Moon Bloom 02 for £49 here.  

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