Eyeshadow for over 35s

UNTIL recently I thought that my days of wearing eyeshadow were over. Before relegating my powders to the bin, I set myself the challenge of trying out a whole load of different eyeshadow looks to see if there were any looks that would suit me. I wasn’t actually convinced that eyeshadow suited someone of my age, whether it was really ageing, or alternatively overly try hard. 42109488_469845186855449_221511900950232251_n First of all I invested in a load more eyeshadow brushes as I found that even though I had a stash of make-up wands to apply the shadow, having loads to use to apply, blend, buff etc really helped the process of application. I have green-tea infused brushes from Lab3 (see pic, above), an all-over eyeshadow brush from Zoeva (which I really love), lots of random brushes from Benefit, MAC, The Body Shop and lots of others and I bought a set from… Argos! It has over 20 brushes in it and they are all of decent quality. A real bargain. Next, I watched approximately 3 zillion YouTube tutorials from Pixiwoo and just practised, practised practised. Then I started to investigate what palettes would suit my skin. I was really impressed with the range from Sleek. I tried three iDivine palettes – Ultra Mattes V2 in Dark, Au Natural and Bad Girl. Ultra Mattes V2 in Dark  I fell in love with the Ultra Mattes V2 in Dark palette immediately – it had the green eyeshadow of my dreams! I have had an obsession with green eyeshadow for over a decade and this one really made my heart sing. However, disaster was looming. As you can see, the press sample I was sent arrived slightly damaged on the green pan. Then…. I DROPPED it. It bounced off an oversized vase that we have in our room, it smashed and as proof of how much I love this palette, I bought a new one immediately. I had a slight panic as it was sold out everywhere, but I managed to find one on a site called We Sell Cosmetics. IMG_7244 IMG_7557 IMG_7556 The other look I created which I love is from the Ultra Mattes palette. I used the peacock blue shade (top left) and a brick shade (bottom, second left) to create an unusual petrol blue eye. I totally rate this look as a twist on a classic smokey eye. In my mind it looks modern and fresh, and while really dark, it’s not overpowering or ageing. I’ll definitely be wearing this look again soon. IMG_0010 IMG_0011 Au Natural The other palettes that I tried were similarly covetable. The other favourite of mine is the Au Natural palette which as you can see from the photo below has loads of really romantic, muted shades. I really rate it. I tried a more classic shadowed eye using this palette and was really pleased with the results. IMG_7236 39949969_533861620406478_3976593109009938149_n The other look I tried was using the range of purples to create a really quick “five minute mum make-up” that I could wear while taking my three-year-old down to nursery. Something to make me feel good but was really quick and easy to apply. IMG_7646 IMG_7645   Bad Girl The palette I found hardest to use was Bad Girl. The shades are all quite dark and murky, but as I was on a mission to find different looks using these palettes I took on the challenge. I created a metallic eye, reminding me of steel or something like that. To add a bit of contract I used a little shadow from a RMK palette which is really, really subtle. Much too subtle for my liking, but as a highlight on top of this base it really worked wonders. IMG_7238 IMG_7212 IMG_7211   The best thing about the Sleek eyeshadow palettes are the fact that they last for absolutely ages. The colour pay-off is strong, but really blendable and once applied they don’t shift. Plus… the palettes are so affordable! They are £8.99. A great bargain, and has completely convinced me that eyeshadows are most definitely part of my beauty past, present and future. Buy iDivine palettes from Sleek, here.      

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