Baby smooth skin

THIS cleansing oil smells incredible and as a bonus is really kind to little one’s skin.

It’s so lovely that I’ve been tempted to nick it to use myself! It’s an “ultra-gentle and nourishing cleansing oil ideal for baby’s bath time. Soap free. Alcohol free. Paraben free.”

I use it for both my five-month-old baby and my three-year-old toddler.

Interesting fact: the UK is the only market that buys non-bio washing liquid/powder products.

Not many children or adults actually have such sensitive skin to need it so non-bio is really just a fad that has just stuck for parents-to-be. I religiously used non-bio for my toddler but once I found this out I have used all the scented products under the sun and he’s absolutely fine!

In any case, I’d definitely recommend this cleansing oil and would definitely buy it as a present for a mum or dad-to-be.

Buy Baby Lipkar Gentle Cleansing Oil from La Roche Posay for £10, here.

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