A Gin… distilled with bamboo charcoal

GIN is one of my favourite indulgences, so I’m always curious to hear about unusual variants that I may not have tried before. 

The craft of distilling English gin Kuro is inspired by one of my favourite countries in the world – Japan.

Inspired by a skiing trip to the Japanese Alps, it counts bamboo activated charcoal, silver birch bark, and spruce needles among its unique blend of botanicals.

Craig Fell, managing director at KURO Gin says, “KURO has been 18 months in the making and we’re delighted with the end product. This is something completely different in the world of gin, and we hope to have captured the experience of the Hakuba Valley alpine slopes in every serve of KURO. What started off as an idea during apres-ski has developed through many stages and taste tests, and we’re keen to hear the UK’s gin lovers verdict on our unique blend of botanicals.

“The thrill of the slopes, beauty of surroundings, and overall sensory experience has been contained in each of the 12 botanicals, namely the three lead ingredients, silver birch bark, spruce needles and bamboo activated charcoal, which make-up KURO’s core identity as an earthy, aromatic Japanese take on a London Dry Gin, which brings an intriguing alpine freshness to a classic spirit.”

Try Kuro gin for £45 here.

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