Lila’s Vintage Jewellery

I OFTEN receive compliments on my engagement ring.

Lilas_ALObviously, I absolutely adore it, and I always pause to look in the window of the vintage jewellers where my (then) future husband got it from because I just love their range of beautiful accessories.

Thinking of when we got engaged always makes me smile as we went for our favourite tapas and then ended up with our small baby in a pram at the Rivoli Ballrooms, drinking Champagne until the small hours and then getting a cab home. A one off!

So when I received an email this morning about Lila’s in East Dulwich, it prompted me to post a little something about it up here on the blog.

Lila’s have a gorgeous range of pre-loved jewellery ranging from rings to necklaces and more. They also created custom cufflinks and necklace for one of my best friends, using stones from their sons teething necklace.

Have a look at their full range, which has some affordable bits as well as running into the thousands.

Check out the full range from Lila’s here.




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