The importance of beauty sleep

WE ALL know that there’s an endless variety of lotions and potions that can do a pretty good job of concealing any problem areas on our skin. But surely there’s nothing better than getting a good night’s sleep for helping us look fresh-faced.

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who’s woken up from a troubled night’s sleep with bags under my eyes, and it seems that a bit of quality time snoozing in our beds is essential for anybody’s beauty regime.

This is because getting a good dose of nightly sleep is necessary for our skin’s health. Whilst we’re dreaming our skin undergoes a complex system of cell renewal that counteracts the damage it receives on during the day.

In order to carry out this renewal process, it’s essential that our skin doesn’t lose too much moisture during the night hours. This is why it’s good to introduce a decent pre-sleep moisturising ritual that includes plenty of night creams to help lock in the moisture and give your skin a chance to cleanse itself properly.

However, no amount of shea butter is going to help unless you actually enjoy a good quality of sleep. This is why I’ve been thinking about upgrading my bed as my current one is definitely in advancing in its years!

toner-906142_960_720Some of Bedstar’s divan beds come with drawers integrated into the base which is pretty handy if your wardrobes are bursting at the seams. And there’s something about a new mattress that can make the bed a much more inviting place to catch some zzz’s and let our skin do its work.

But it’s not just your bed which can help you get that all-important high quality sleep. As there’s nothing worse than being dehydrated for making our eyes all puffy in the morning. Obviously alcohol is a big no-no when aiming to keep your skin hydrated overnight, but even snacking on watery fruits like apples can help our skin hydrate whilst we sleep for the ultimate lazy beauty fix!

Interestingly, it seems that a decent night’s sleep can also help our hair carry out its own renewal procedure, which is definitely handy as I’ve already documented my own struggles with caring for coloured hair.

So with night creams, divan beds and even tasty fruit all helping our skin heal itself during the night hours, I’ll definitely be adding some sleep to my beauty regime!

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