Nail and Hand Products using Vitamin E

THIS endless winter weather (please let it end!) has played havoc with our cuticles here at Pillow Magazine and we are in dire need of some TLC for our hands. 

Luckily these Vitamin E-rich products are donning their capes and acting as superheroes to rescue our knackered nails.

Here, Pillow Magazine’s Editor Angharad Llewellyn, goes through five remedies that will battle the effects of the cold.

[Show as slideshow] Andrea Fullerton Cute-Icles Love Oil (£4.99) Elemis Pro-radiance Hand and Nail Cream (£23) Nails Inc Vitamin E Cuticle Oil Pen (£12) Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail and Cuticle Oil (£5.75) Alessandro Magic Manicure


Alessandro Magic Manicure is an exfoliator which you rub onto damp paws, rinse off to leave your hands smooth and nourished. As well s Vitamin E, it uses Atlantic Ocean salt, peppermint, orange, spearmint and rosemary essential oils, almond, grape seed, avocado and apricot kernel oils. Visit the Alessandro website here.

Andrea Fullerton’s Cute-Icles Love Oil is infused with mint for extra freshness. This cuticle oil combines sweet almond oil to nourish, horse chesnut extract to stimulate circulation, ginger oil to boost nail growth (long talons here we come) and Vitamin E to hydrate. It’s available at Superdrug’s website here.

Thirsty hands positively drink up this Pro-radiance Hand and Nail cream from Elemis. It has been specially formulated with a combination of lipid-rich oils including Omega 7, avellana seed oil, macademia seed oil, virgin plum oil (rich in Vitamin E) and camellia seed oil delivered in a unique silicon-free balm textured cream. The best thing about it is that it soaks into skin in a jiffy and doesn’t leave that awful residue that cheaper creams can bother you with. Hands are left smooth, soft and supple. Visit the Elemis website here.

Hand and Nail Products with Vitamin E

Hand and Nail Products using Vitamin E


Small enough to pop into your handbag, Nails Inc’s Vitamin E Cuticle Oil Pen is a must-have that you should NEVER EVER part from. It’s that good. Using the handy brush applicator, paint the formula onto your cuticles once or twice a day and they will be back to perfect health in no time. You can use it at your desk and let it soak in and work its magic as you type. It’s brilliant. Visit the Nails Inc website here.

Sally Hansen is a pretty much industry-standard go-to for superior nail care. The Vitamin E Nail and Cuticle Oil is stuffed full of all the right things to care for your weary cuticles. Visit the Sally Hansen website here.

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