The Review: Body Shop’s Bath Jelly

I LOVE products from the Body Shop so much and can’t believe it’s taken me so long to sing the praises of their range of bath jellies.

I’m one of those strange people who love the texture of things (especially when it comes to liking or disliking the texture of food) and I can’t get over the liquid-y/solid-y texture of this range of products.

It literally looks like a solid jelly but you can tip it up and it slowly pours out … Unless you grab a blob and then it’s solid! Many hours of ‘scientific’ investigation to be enjoyed here.

I tested out the Glazed Apple bath jelly (which was a limited edition for Christmas) but Vanilla Brûlée and Frosted Cranberry are still on shelves now. Glazed Apple smells divine and super fruity and fresh.

Even more excitingly you find yourself in a cloud of apple scented bubbles in the bath with only a 50p sized measure. Be aware that is will sink to the bottom of the tub and sit there if you don’t give it a swirl and start the bubbling process.


I also tried the Glazed Apple sparkler which is another textural delight. It comes in a sort of pseudo-perfume bottle with its own spritzer but instead of liquid coming out it’s a powder.

This makes it super easy to dust yourself with glistening molecules over your hair or base make-up (ideally not over your dress).

It is infused with the scent of Apple too so it’s a multi-sensory experience.

It’s currently out of stock but I can’t see it’s staying off shelves for long – and hopefully it will return in another guise for party season very soon.

And being such a fan of the Body Shop’s range, I’ll definitely be trying out more of their hero products soon.

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