Alternative Nights Out: Dance Dance Party Party

REMEMBER Madonna’s Get Into The Groove catch-call, ”And you can dance, for inspiration”? Well you totally can – let go and bust out some serious moves – at Dance Dance Party Party.

Initially started by New York City friends Glennis McMurray and Marcy Girt, Dance Dance Party Party is a women-only freestyle session where you rock up to a darkened room with other like-minded folk, and shake your tail feather to an eclective mix of songs. It’s great exercise without you even realising, and pumps those endorphins.

“DDPP started as a way to work out and have fun without the conformity of a gym – how often have you heard your favorite song while you’re on the treadmill and wanted to hop off to do a real running man?” says McMurray on the DDPP website. “But it has morphed into this amazing revolution of sorts where women come to find that little girl inside us all who just wants to have fun!”

It’s chicks only, so none of those awkward sexual tension moments, and it’s dimly lit so you don’t feel as if anyone is scoping out your mean shapes.

The event is now an international success – with one located at East London.

Dance Dance Party Party: Every Tuesday night at 4th floor West near Shadwell. For more information, click here.

Legwarmers, optional.

Dance Dance Party Party

>> Photographed by Rita Platts

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