The hunt for the perfect shampoo and conditioner

IN SCHOOL a friend and I decided that having clean hair meant we had a good day… Scruffy, unwashed hair meant trouble was on the cards.

20 years later (yikes am I really 32?) I still religiously washed my hair every day, fearful of what tangled locks may bring me (caveat: excluding hangover days, obvs).

I recently reduced this to washing my hair every two days following advice from my colourist at Tommy Guns in Shoreditch, who said I was damaging my barnet by putting it through the mill so much. He recommended twice weekly conditioning treatments, coconut oil (although I’m using Argan oil which I love and swear by) and less time washing/drying/teasing it under hot products. Also a heat protectant for when I was cleaning it.

So far so good, and parallel to this I started to search for the perfect shampoo and conditioner.

I really rate the Dual Fix 12 by haircare brand Envy as its deep conditioning properties leave my hair silky soft.

So that’s why I thought I’d try the Gentle Cleansing Shampoo and Gentle Detangling Conditioner which are in the same range.

While both being good, I like a shampoo that bubbles up and foams and covers your hair with a small amount. The shampoo was a rather alarming shade of green and was quite liquid so that it whooshed out of the black bottle leaving you with quite a lot of product to smother over your hair.

The conditioner (a normal shade of white) was thick and this was by far my favourite of the pair.

Are they better than the Dual Fix 12? Well, they won’t be replacing this wonder product in my cabinet. But do they do the job and leave your hair squeaky clean? Indeed they do.

Envy hair products are available from here and the shampoo and conditioner are £10.95 each.

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