It’s A Beauty! Perfect Packaging: Green & Spring

THIS may be the most beautiful and covetable packaging we’ve seen for a beauty range… EVER. 

Taking in haircare such as shampoo and conditioners through to bath foams, oils, body lotions, hand wash, hand creams and candles, each product has an illustration of a bird over the ingredients information printed on the bottle.

The brand also has a range of skin care including moisturiser, face masks, eye cream, serum, cleanser, toner and lip balm.

Just having these in the bathroom brings a little slice of countryside to the city.

Green & Spring

Green & Spring


Check out the ‘relaxing’ travel set which includes miniature versions of their haircare, body lotion and shower & bath foam.

The range is completely free of animal testing, including all the ingredients that they use.

Products are hand made in the British countryside, and use completely natural ingredients which are sourced ethically and the packaging is also full recyclable.

So not only does it look absolutely incredible and is fantastic for your skin, it’s good for the environment too.

Visit the Green & Spring website here.

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