Video: Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne in Facemelt (Dirty Remix)

MOST pop stars can’t boast having the “most beautiful woman in the world” on speed-dial but most pop stars aren’t Rita Ota with Cara Delevingne as their “wifey.

The BFFs have appeared together – dressed like extras from Sin City – in a ‘Dirty’ video remix of Rita’s track Facemelt for Hunger TV.

The video, directed by Rankin, is part of Hunger TV’s Dirty Video series. Past Dirty Videos include Iggy Azalea – Slo, Azealia Banks – Liquorice Chick and Cheryl Cole – Ghetto Baby. Facemelt is taken from Rita Ora’s debut album ORA.

Rita said: “Cara hijacking my video and my life and just basically hijacking me – it’s pretty awesome. She’s crazy like me. So it makes sense”

“Having the most beautiful woman in the world in your video can’t be bad”

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