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THIS week we go Behind the Blog with the wonderful Jane Cunningham aka British Beauty Blogger and we find out what make-up product she can’t live without, discuss her love for New York and find out why she cries before getting a haircut.


Name: Jane Cunningham

Blog address:

Twitter, YouTube and Instagram handles: Twitter: @britbeautyblog Insta: Britbeautyblog YouTube: Britishbeautyblogger

Age: Irrelevant.

When did you start your blog and what topics do you cover? I started my blog five years ago and cover all aspects of the beauty industry and blogging.

Why makes your blog unique? As a beauty writer for mainstream press I cross the divide between journalism and blogging. I show a lot of new products and talk about the industry as an insider.

Who are your favourite other bloggers? Ah, so many I can’t narrow it down. Ruth at is a regular read, as is Tavia at

Tips for other bloggers? I do a series of videos on advice for new bloggers; more established bloggers, I wouldn’t dream of giving tips to – they know what they’re doing, and doing it really well.

What’s the hardest thing about blogging? Working on my own a lot. I miss office banter and friends to act as a filter sometimes. Blogging very often is about intuition and mood and sometimes I think I would love someone to just say, “No, Jane, don’t post that!” However, staying true to ‘living my blog’ maybe its a good thing that I am so open. See what I mean? With colleagues I’d have someone to mull that over with.. as it is, there isn’t anyone.

Which cool and quirky celebrities style do you admire? I try and steer clear of celebrity influence but if I had to say, it would be Jessie J – her confidence is so inspiring.

Who are your favourite cool and quirky fashion designers? I’m afraid if I did go the designer route, it would be to Chanel; otherwise, I’m perfectly happy in Zara.

If you could travel anywhere in world, where would it be? New York. Its the only city in the world where I think I could live, other than my adopted home town of London.

Most embarrassing moment on a date… ever? I’ve never had an embarrassing moment on a date.. but I’ve been married for a long time – maybe I’ve blotted them out of my memory! I did embarrass my (now) husband by telling my parents that he’d written them a poem but he was very shy about reading it to them. They spent the whole day encouraging him to please, please read it out and wouldn’t believe he hadn’t actually written one. Ha! That’s making me laugh all over again.

Make-up item that you can’t live without: Lanolips Lip Balms.. I use it every single day of my life!

This time next year we won’t be able to stop talking about…..? I have absolutely now clue. I live in the now!

My most spontaneous moment ever was….. I’m the least spontaneous person you are ever likely to meet.

My worst crime against fashion was…. A red faux leather jacket.

Have you ever cried after a bad haircut? Never. I practically cry before any haircut because I hate them so much so I’m usually too wrung out to have any emotion other than relief afterwards.

What is on your Spotify ‘most-played’ right now? I don’t listen to music (I know.. I have a gene missing I am sure.) But I do read a lot and have just finished The Vogue Factor by ex-editor of Vogue Australia Kirstie Clements.

If I could sum up Pillow Magazine in three words, what they would be…..? Vibrant, fun, informative.


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