Watch Out Overdraft, Here’s A New Shopping Revolution: Vollow

SOCIAL networking, buying, browsing and Facebook-esque ‘liking’ – all rolled into one cute, super-cool and fantastically quirky website. Sounds too good to be true?

Think again.

We all love to go shopping with our girlfriends and spend ages in the changing rooms, perusing the clothes rails from shop to shop, but in this day and age do we really have the time to book everyone in for an afternoon of shopping? We didn’t think so.

This is where comes in.

Sign in with Facebook, Twitter or email, and then the world of Vollow is your oyster.

Follow your friends, see what they ‘like’, what they ‘want’ and what they ‘own’ from the Chanel bags to vintage ice cream makers – fabulously easy, you want to ‘own’ it, you buy – it really is that simple!

But you’ve seen something else on another website you ‘like’, or ‘want’ or are waiting until pay day to ‘own’?

Use Vollow’s exclusive toolbar button to add it to the site and your profile, choose the picture, add the price, select a category and then ‘like’, ‘want’ or ‘own’ it just like you would on Vollow itself!

It’s Pillow’s latest addiction.

Celebrating its first birthday in a few weeks, Vollow is far from showing signs of slowing down or stopping.

One of Vollow’s founders Iman Ramani is cousin to Channel 4’s infamous Facejacker – needless to say, we expect the online Vollow skit to go viral when it’s released in July!

Then IOS mobile app will be launched and free to purchase, also in July and the Android app will follow shortly after.

And as if the Vollow boys weren’t busy enough; every fortnight you’ll see a small change to the website as they add new features, which will stay or go based on what the user consensus is!

“We’re giving it more of a social network feel, creating a feed so that you get the whole feeling of the website the minute you go on.

“We want to give power to the member to create an experience based on consumer feedback.

“The real goal is to create the complete shopping experience’ explains Iman.

“Soon you’ll be able to tag people in images so you can ask your girlfriends what they think of something for a night out, be able to create polls on two items, and discounts will soon be available” – Who doesn’t love a good discount?!

With so few social networks or websites building a place focussed solely on the audience interaction and enjoyment, it is no wonder that Vollow is taking off – and with its unusual and distinctive name it will be one that won’t be forgotten.

The name derives from ‘volo’ in Latin which means ‘I want’ which was incorporated into Vollow – which sounds like ‘follow’ – cool eh?

You’re now wondering “Well what’s the future of Vollow?”…

“It’s entirely dependent on the user feedback,” says Iman. “We have ideas but they could completely change if the members don’t like them!”

Therefore it is simply imperative that you log on and have a look and get shopping – oh no, forced shopping, what a shame…

So, if you haven’t already left to have a look at, get on it and get ‘liking’, you won’t regret it!

Pillow would like to apologise to your bank balance and bosses in advance.




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