Guilty Pleasure: Kreayshawn

I KNOW I should hate this, but this song Gucci Gucci is kinda addictive. I can imagine it being played in some dirty club in Dalston and sounding pretty sweet at 3am.

OK, so this girl is so hipster it hurts, but I have to say I do love this tune and the video is strangely addictive.

Plus, it throws up so many questions…

Where did she get those mouse ears? And who the hell is that girl in the glasses? She doesn’t seem to have any relevance to the clip, doesn’t sing and looks like she’s an extra that’s wandered into shot and is trying to join in. I think you can get those glasses for a fiver down Brick Lane if you want to rip her look.

According to her YouTube channel, Kreayshawn is a music video director and new found music artist. ”A young lost one growing up in East Oakland,CA. I seen the world crumble. I been to hell.. Im not sure if I came back yet.” Yikes.

She’s got other clips avails which aren’t as good, and the irony kinda wears off after one song… but still reckon this little lady could be one to watch.


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