EXCLUSIVE: Pillow Talks to Julia Burness Jewellery

WITH highlights of being featured in Brasil Vogue last summer and Arlissa’s latest music video – Sticks and Stones – British designer, Julia Burness, has catapulted her way through the fashion industry with her bold, quirky and striking jewellery collections.

Her jewellery collections were also showcased at Milan Fashion Week last month.

With a degree in Classical Archaeology, Julia admits that it “took her a while to focus on jewellery” as she never thought it would be possible for her to have a career in the industry.

However, after working in unrelated industries, she returned to study Silver Smithing and Jewellery Design at Sir John Cass, London prior to starting her own business where “everything just flowed from there onwards!”

Since then, Julia Burness has created four collections: Lost Lace, Alchemy, Twiggy and Love Signs.

The idea of Lost Lace was to fuse together the beauty of past and present through casting vintage lace into metal. Included in this collection are exquisite cuffs, rings and earrings.


Love Lace is especially popular and has been featured in Vogue and InStyle as well as having fans such as Amber Atherton and Eliza Doolittle.

Resembling Lost Lace, the Alchemy Collection focuses on bringing long-forgotten things back to life.

Concentrating on nature, Julia has casted bird skulls, beetles and shells. She uses recycled metals to create rings, bangles and necklaces which are then gilded in black rhodium, silver or rose and yellow gold.

The Twiggy Collection includes cuffs, earrings and bangles all of which have been created with recycled materials.

Combining her attraction to the power of words and the love of cuffs, Love Signs is a collection which has allowed Julia to express this fascination.

This beautiful collection showcases Julia’s handwriting in gold and rose gold cuffs.

For special occasions, Love Signs is used in order to make bespoke pieces for customers using their own handwriting.

Julia explains: “This tends to do especially well with new fathers. I take their handwriting and using the name of their new baby, I make a bracelet for the mother.”


When asked how her jewellery are unique from other designers, Julia explains that her collections “are all so different from one another but there is an essence there which is [hers].”

Further, Julia uses all recycled metals including gold from artisanal gold mines.

It is very important for Julia to be as environmentally friendly as possible which includes using Fair Trade materials.

“I spend a lot of time experimenting, trying things out. I love nature and I love beautiful but simple pieces. Comfort is of great importance to me, I adore wearing a piece and literally being able to forget it is there. I once fell asleep with one of my Isla lace cuffs on and I realised how comfortable they are which pleased me a lot!”she says.

Julia goes on to say that she does consider making jewellery work and advises any aspiring jewellery designers “to go for their dream.”

It seems that the future of Julia Burness Jewellery is heading over to Tokyo which is something Julia is “extremely excited about”.


If you could be anything else in the world, what would it be? Julia replied: “I love essential oils and anything that smells beautiful and natural. I would probably rather randomly say an aromatherapist!” Even the final question shows the great love that Julia Burness has for nature.

Julia Burness Jewellery is stocked in the UK, Italy and Spain.

You can visit her page on PR company, Felicities, website: www.felicities.co.uk/client/julia-burness/
Twitter: @JuliaBurness

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