Gabby Young And Other Animals Announce Second Album


FLORENCE has her Machine, Marina has her Diamonds, Iggy had his Stooges and Gabby Young has her Other Animals who are about to launch more of their circus swing through their highly anticipated second album The Band Called Out For More.

Even though Gabby’s a classically trained opera singer, Jeff Buckley and other jazz greats swayed her away from that and in 2008 she formed the 8-piece band that completes her magical musical fairground ride of a british folk rock group. A trumpet, trombone, piano and clarinet are amongst the wide range of instruments used by her ‘Other Animals’.

Gabby Young and Other Animals

Gabby has invented a genre dubbed as Circus Swing, a colourful avant-garde sound, with lush orchestration, horns and gentle melodies and blasts you back to the years of  burlesque, 1920s flapper music and Nouvelle Vague cinema, with elements of Bjork, Imogen Heap, and Feist resounding throughout.

Aside from her music, Gabby’s experimental yet stylish choice of stage attire has made her quite the fashionista. She also runs a popular fashion blog!

The Band Called Out For More is her second album with the lead single In Your Head teamed with a rather unusual, witty, animated interactive video (below), in which you can choose which animal to be saved from an evil ringmaster.

After spending all of last summer on the festival circuit and headlining London’s KOKO the band already have this year’s festivals planned including Secret Garden, Green Man, Standon Calling and Shambala.

Both the single In Your Head and album The Band Called Out For More are released June 11th.

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