Ten New Year’s Resolutions We Bet You’ve Already Broken

IT is the second week of January now, and those pesky resolutions are feeling hard to keep up with.

Have you managed to avoid slipping off the wagon over the weekend or are you holding steadfast to your saintly 2013 regime?

Here are ten New Year’s Resolutions that we suspect you might have broken already.

1. No drinking

We were all feeling smug about “Booze Ban Jan” after seven days of not drinking. But by the time the second weekend of the month rolled around, we’d all realised how bloody boring the beginning of the year is without a celebratory Champagne for getting through the week. While most of us managed to clear the first hurdle of the first Saturday night by not grabbing a gin and tonic and guzzling it – by the time Friday night rolled around once again, we’re  putting bets on that most of you, dear readers, were feeling a little worse for wear the next day.

2. Remove all your make-up before going to bed

This fits into breaking the first resolution pretty well. If you’ve been out for a wine, it’s always a task to remember taking off all your slap before hitting the hay. Even after a long day at work (and these days feel longer than ever in January), it’s easy to fall asleep on the sofa while watching mindless television and wake up in the morning with mascara down your cheek.

3. Go to the gym everyday

It all started off so well – your plan of action was to hit the treadmill every day and have a body like Jessica Ennis by now. But despite all your good intentions, you haven’t managed to achieve the abs of an Olympian yet. And no, going to the gym and going in the steam room doesn’t count.

4. Be less stressed

This is an easy one to to promise in the heady, fun times of December. By the time cold, depressing January rolls around – it’s hard to fulfil. The same stresses that you were battling in November, are still in your mind… but unlike December – which was a whirlwind of Christmas parties, mince pies and Champagne – there’s nothing to cushion you but the cold light of day in January. Scream!


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5. Stop eating carbs/wheat/dairy/meat/sugar *delete as appropriate

Many people decide to ditch a random food group or start a diet in January. So it’s goodbye to carbs! Wave sayonara to wheat and evil sugar is out the window. This one isn’t as hard to break as the others in the list, so if you haven’t snuck a quick chip from your pal’s plate, or accidentally scoffed a piece of toast whilst on the move, well done.

6. Don’t spend any money

This is IMPOSSIBLE in January as the sales are so bloody good, it’s almost like you are SAVING money by snapping up bargains (yes really!). Also, all the charity shops are filled with “re-gifted” presents, and it would be rude not to take a quick look at all the discounted goodies. Trekking round museums, going to the cinema and buying organic food are all expensive too, so your pennies soon fly out of your wallet while drinking is off the cards.

7. Start a skin cleansing regime and stick to it

We know you started well: Stocking up your beauty cabinet with an amazing cleanser, scrubbing your skin to perfection with a gorgeous exfoliator, then applying an expensive serum that makes you feel a million dollars. But doing it everyday takes dedication… and sometimes it’s difficult when you wake up five minutes before you leave the house, or get home late and tired after a long day studying or at work. Oh well, maybe next year.

8. Stop flirting with inappropriate men

It’s a new year, and a fresh start so you have resolved to leave all scoundrels behind you and stop replying to their late night messages. Easier said than done. Everyone likes to feel wanted and is flattered by the attention. You know you shouldn’t reply… but one little text message won’t hurt… right?

9. Look for a new job to progress your career

The start of the year is a great time to think about your goals in your career and make sure you are in the right position to achieve them. But the first couple of weeks in January aren’t the most motivating time to be looking for a new job. It’s bad enough just trying to get up each morning and trek through the train delays, freezing temperatures and grumpy commuters. Maybe next month…

10. Stop moaning about the weather

The fresh smattering of snow on the ground this morning renders this once absolutely useless. And you were doing so well.

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