The Review: Korres Black Pine Anti-Ageing Serum

SERUMS are a weakness of mine, and when I heard that Korres were releasing a Black Pine Serum, I just had to try it. 

First up, the packaging – as always with Korres products – is graphic and gorgeous. Their whole range is always a delight to cast your eyes over.

The product is specially formulated for anti-ageing, and uses all-natural ingredients. This means it has a different feel on the skin as to chemical-based serums. It uses black pine extract to plump skin and wipe away the years.

Korres Black Pine Serum

Korres Black Pine Serum


Don’t be greedy when applying it to the skin, you don’t need too much product and it’ll leave a slightly tacky residue if you overdo it.

There’s a handy dropper to make sure you can measure out the right amount (I still managed to go overboard).

It’s £39. You can buy it exclusively from Waitrose now and it’ll be available nationwide at Korres stockists from June 1st.


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