Alternative Nights Out In London

By Rebecca Christou

LOOK a little further below the surface of night-time London and there is a whole host of new alternative events to be found.

With the success of such out-of-the-ordinary nights such as Secret Cinema, Londoners are seeking quirky new experiences. If you fancy a change from your local bar or other Friday evening haunt, there is a flourishing underbelly of events for the adventurous to suit all pockets.

This upsurge of alternative has been welcomed with open arms. These nights out are not your generic club or pub; they come with a sense of secrecy and of being part of an unknown after-dark society that nobody else knows about.

Underground Rebel Bingo Club

The Underground Rebel Bingo Club began in a church hall basement and has grown into an international movement. This is not regular bingo by any means. ‘Meetings’ are held in secret to prevent the ‘old school bingo mafia’ from spoiling the fun. The soirees are given clever disguises too, such as Young Person’s Health & Fitness Workshop. Crafty. This is for you if you enjoy too-loud music, hardcore prizes and, well, bingo.

Tickets to meetings are cheaper the further in advance you buy, but expect to pay around a fiver. Click here for tix.

London Zoo Lates

Everyone has fond memories of going to the zoo as a child, and now London Zoo has grown up and is catering to the child in us all with adult only evening events. London Zoo Lates sold out last year and are set to be even bigger and better this summer. Grab a cocktail from the Penguin Beach Bar and wander around the 750 species the zoo is home to, with various animal demonstrations on show. Or throw some shapes at the silent disco, visit the twisted cabaret and relax at the BBQ.

June and July tickets (£18.45 for non members) and VIP upgrades (£55) are available here.

London Roller Girls

Popularity of the roller derby has soared since the release of the film Whip It. Two teams of girls roller skate around a track, with the ‘jammers’ racing to score points in skirts and helmets. Roller derby is the ultimate display of girl power and one of the most exciting sports you’ll see, Ultraviolent Femmes and Suffra Jets being two of London’s finest teams. As well as going to watch a match, the London Roller Girls run monthly boot camps to teach skaters the essentials of Roller Derby.

All info and tickets can be found here.


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