Textile Designer Karina Thompson Uses Her Own Heartbeat For Embroidery

Karina Thompson

IT’S not the usual way to create intricate fabric artwork, but (believe it or not) Karina Thompson used her own heartbeat to create a giant piece of embroidery.

Having completed an hour’s run around the top floor of the Salts Mill in Bradford – where the final piece will be exhibited – she translated her heartbeat into digitally programmed stitches.

Karina said: ‘The mile and a half I ran round Salts represents an hour’s worth of wool production.

“My fabric is grey and reminds me of a wet bandsman standing at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday.

“It’s also huge. ‘I’m embroidering 5 metre sections at a time and they nearly fill my living room.”

The fabric used by Karina is by Hainsworth; creators of pieces used by the British Army.

The masterpiece will be on display from August 18 – November 3 at the major exhibition of 23 international artists – called Cloth and Memory – at the Salts Mills.

Talk about the heart of fashion…

Karina Thompson running round Salts Mill. Photo: Hannah Coaten

Karina Thompson running round Salts Mill. Photo: Hannah Coaten

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