Pinterest Gets Our Interest…


Pinterest already has 12million monthly users across the pond, and the craze is beginning to pick up here. If you thought that Pokemon cards were the most addictive fad you’ve ever been a part of, prepare for a whole new, life changing level of obsession.

An enormous dreamscape of cupcakes, wedding venues and brilliant ideas of how to reuse and recycle old bottle caps, Pinterest is a huge online scrapbook that you can both collect from and add to.

How many hours of your day have you lost to searching online for cute pictures of baby animals, the perfect Saturday night dress or an easy way to get scuff marks off of patent heels? No more! You can pin all the piglets, polka dot scarves and nail polishes your heart desires to your very own Pinterest boards until Repetitive Strain Injury prevents you from pinning any more.

As well as being a device designed to suck hours from your day, Pinterest is a very useful tool indeed. You can use the site to plan a party – collect ideas for cute appetisers, centrepieces for tables and perfect cocktail recipes. You can create a yummy board containing 200 meals that contain less than 500 calories. You can get started on your spring cleaning with all the household tips you could possibly imagine – make your own washing machine cleaner anyone?


To become a member, there is no simple e-mail address sign up – much like The Queen’s Garden Party, you need an invitation. You can either wait for one from Pinterest themselves (which can take between several days or several months), or, if you’re lucky enough to have a friend in the know, they can forward you an invite. Hurrah! You’re part of the club. Now, prepare to become amazing, and addicted.

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