Penelope Cruz stars in the 2013 Campari Calendar

SPANISH beauty Penelope Cruz has it all – gorgeous Latin looks, bags of talent and Javier Bardem. Sigh!

Despite this, we love her here at Pillow Magazine and especially adore this shot of her, below, as she poses for the March page in next year’s Campari calendar.

Dressed in a red trench, cherry coloured patent heels and carrying a giant tomato-hued umbrella the Vicky Christina Barcelona actress looks every  inch the movie star.

Can you believe she’s 38?

Penelope Cruz stars in the 2013 Campari calendar

Penelope Cruz stars in the Campari calendar 2013


Just how are those brollies floating around though? We demand to know!

Check out December, April and June from the 2013 Campari calendar, below.


Penelope Cruz in the Campari 2013 Calendar

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