Cigarettes That Don’t Ruin Your Wardobe? Read On…


HUDDLING under my 70s fur bomber jacket with my hair getting soaked by the rain isn’t my idea of fun on a Friday night.

So anything that can avoid me braving the hideous winter weather for a cheeky fag is an option worth exploring for a fashion-concious fox like me.

Hence why I found myself trying an e-cigarette for the first time last week.

I’ve never tried anything like this before, but actually there are both style and health reasons to give it a whirl.

The range from Intellicig use “vaping” technology rather than burning tobacco (in my mind I’m comparing this to the equivalent of air-popped popcorn) and they contain significantly less of the known harmful chemicals that you get in a pack of fags.

They’re brilliant for people who are looking for a less harmful alternative to smoking, plus there are no second-hand dangers to your friends or family.

Style-wise, you don’t smell of smoke – so you can avoid ruining your one-of-a-kind vintage coat that you’ve spent hours tracking down from LA on eBay and your fingers remain perfectly manicured with no disgusting yellow tinge all over them.

While being heavier than a normal cigarette, the Intellicig fits comfortably in your clutch bag. You only need one and you get about 350 drags on it. It’s way better than carrying around a pack of fags and a lighter in your bag. Although I do admit that I did have to ask someone if you needed to use a lighter to ignite an e-cig… total blonde moment!

Best of all you can ‘smoke’ them indoors – meaning no more mussed-up locks caused by popping outside.

I tried an Intellicig inside an art exhibition at a pub in South London on Monday night.


I have to say that while initially I felt slightly self-concious smoking indoors… I wasn’t exactly choosing the most conspicuous location – right in front of the photography on display! But the sensation was similar to having a real cig – minus the tobacco smoke that you usually inhale. I reckon I took more pulls on it than a non-electronic cig, but it felt a ‘cleaner’ experience. They release a slight vapour so you still get the effect of having a tobacco cigarette. And I love the little red light on the end of the stick too!

They’re fab for long car journeys, relaxing in your room or having a cheeky smoke while visiting your parents’ house.

Find out more information and purchase Intellicigs, here.

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